President Monson Teaches Four Ways to Find People to Share the Gospel

President Thomas S. Monson shares the best way to help a member family share the gospel by helping missionaries find people to teach. Watch first minute and a half. Transcript below.

“The best way for a mission to achieve its optimum productivity is to involve the members in the process of contacting, teaching, and fellowshipping.”

“For missionaries to ask a member family, ‘do you have any referrals for us?’ will yield minimum results. However, if the missionaries in the comfortable setting of the member families home discuss the plan of salvation, this provides answers to the universal questions of the human heart: Where did I come from, why am I hear on earth, where do I go when I die?”

“Then the stage is set for the penetrating questions:”

  • “First, whom do you know who has recently lost a loved one?”
  • “Second, whom do you know who has welcomed a newly born child to the family?
  • “Third, whom do you know who has recently moved into the neighborhood?”
  • “Fourth, whom do you know who has experienced difficulty coping with their teenage children?”

“Then the Lord has provided the answers to the questions of those who have had these experiences. They are far more apt to respond favorably to the member family’s invitation to learn.”

4 thoughts on “President Monson Teaches Four Ways to Find People to Share the Gospel

  1. I like this article a lot. I have been trying to give our full time missionaries something specific to teach our members and this will work very well. Here is what I will try for:
    1st teach plan of salvation
    2nd invite members to get to know new friends and neighbors
    3rd identify one friend meeting one of the four groups
    4th have full time missionaries teach and role play with members how to bring the friend’s need up and into a gospel conversation where they could invite to hear lessons.

  2. I’m so grateful to search for more ideas from other brethren who have these great spirits. For me its just a new calling but I had to do my part for the Lord to do His will by doing this. I had to search thru prayer and fasting and from others too who like to share great experiences they have had in their calling has a Ward Mission Leader for our Father in Heavens glory. Hope that u will share some for me.

    • Brother Tukumoeatu,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. Where are you located? It sounds like you are a Ward Mission Leader or Ward Missionary?

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