Welcome Baskets Help You Meet Your Neighbors

We moved to Mapleton, Utah nearly 2 years ago. We hardly knew anybody. We had been in Alpine, Utah for 18 years and felt like we had friends in every neighborhood.

We didn’t know where the church was, who are neighbors were, or any of the streets in Mapleton.

Then I was called to be Ward Mission Leader in a ward where there were only 5 non-Latter-Day Saints in the entire ward. What do you do?

You just go meet people. I got the ward directory, but like most wards, only about 1 out of 4 had taken time to put their pictures in the directory. So it was hard. We didn’t know where the classrooms were in Church. We didn’t know where anyone lived.

So after we found things out, we decided not to let that happen to anyone else who moved into our neighborhood.

So we made Welcome Baskets.

Welcome baskets are a great way to meet your neighbors and make it easier for new move ins.

Welcome baskets are a great way to meet your neighbors and make it easier for new move ins.

If you are a Latter-Day Saint you will like a map of the church building.

If not, you are welcome to come and see what a Mormon church meeting is like. And for everyone we have maps of the neighborhood, the city, and important phone numbers and a little history of Mapleton.

We bought a bunch of tin buckets with rope from Hobby Lobby, some tissue and plastic wrap from the dollar store, a bottle of Martinellis sparkling apple juice and some goodies like Pirouline hazelnut artisan rolled wafers, and we were ready to go. All under $10.

We soon ran out so we had to stock up 20 at a time. Now we are having fun taking them around and meeting all the new people.

Now we are going to go around and take pictures of everyone so we can finish the neighborhood directory.


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